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Preventing Proximity Bias

As we emerge from this latest Omicron wave of the pandemic, restrictions are being lifted and organizations are, once again, starting to bring some workers to the office. While the

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The Big Quit: How Mentoring Helps

Many organizations are grappling with high numbers of employees quitting their jobs. The Big Quit, the Great Resignation, the Talent Tsunami… call it what you will, but it’s happening, with

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2022 L&D Trends Report

To say the last year has been a challenging time for HR and L&D leaders is a vast understatement at best. HR professionals have had to pivot strategies and tactics,

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Group Coaching vs. Team Coaching

One of the questions we hear often at The Roundtable is: “What’s the difference between group coaching and team coaching?” Both involve a group of people, and while they seem

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