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Book Review: Good Awkward

Book: Good Awkward By Henna Pryor  Reviewed by: Glain Roberts-McCabe   The Premise  In Good Awkward, author and TEDx speaker Henna Pryor invites her readers to “embrace the embarrassing and

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LCBO Creates a Coaching Culture

In August, we were thrilled to learn that our partner client, LCBO, had won a Brandon Hall Group Gold award for excellence for Best Advance in Coaching and Mentoring. The

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Are You Burning Your Team Out? 

Take a stroll through LinkedIn and no doubt you’ll see at least one post about burnout. Employees say they frequently feel negative emotions and fatigue. Recently, Deloitte’s second Well-Being at Work

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Book Review: The Artist’s Way

Book: The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity By: Julia Cameron Reviewed by: Leah Parkhill-Reilly   The Premise The 30th anniversary edition of The Artist’s Way is a

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The Dirty Secret About Leadership Transitions

Every year, organizations spend thousands of dollars assessing their leaders for “potential” and promotability.  Identifying “high potentials” (aka “hi-pos”) and developing them into senior leaders not only helps with succession

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Book Review: Magic Words

Book: Magic Words   By: Jonah Berger  Reviewed by: Colleen Jones  The Premise: Known for his previous bestsellers on human behaviour Jonah Berger engages readers with his research on the

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