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What Are My Priorities?

In our latest leadership report, we discuss the challenge of prioritizing in our fourth challenge facing leaders today, “What Are My Priorities?” What Are My Priorities? When things feel particularly

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I’m Overwhelmed

In our latest leadership report, we discuss the challenges of overwhelm in our second challenge facing leaders today, “I’m Overwhelmed.” No one is coming to save you… Since I began

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Creating Team Accountability

In our latest leadership report, we discuss team accountability in one of the first challenges facing leaders today, “I’m Afraid to Demand Too Much of My Team.” At The Roundtable,

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Ownership Has its Downside 

Recently, I’ve noticed an interesting trend within many organizations. There is a move towards building language into organizational values and competency models that tell people that they need to “Act

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#Impact215 – 2023 in Review

In January of this year, we launched our #Impact215 Consortium in collaboration with Bob Joseph of Indigenous Training Corporation Inc., Liane Davey of 3COze and Karen Wright of Parachute Executive Coaching. Named in honour

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