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Accelerate Through Change

Most change initiatives stall – not because of a poor plan but because of poor execution and lack of alignment. What if you could accelerate change by leveraging your own leaders to drive real conversations about the issues that matter the most?

People are your organization’s most important asset to drive results. You need to develop a culture where leaders can move beyond their own teams to support each other through coaching and mentoring. You need to open the channels for communication and knowledge transfer between teams and this shift needs to cascade throughout the organization.   

When you need to accelerate change mandates quickly, you can’t facilitate one-on-one coaching or mentoring for every team member. 

What if you could cascade learning throughout your organization by strategically leveraging your current senior leaders to drive the crucial conversations and learning required?


Leverage your Leaders to Build Capability

Our Roundtable Catalyst guided group mentoring program provides your senior leaders with the framework and tools they need to lead conversations that matter to your strategy and change mandate. Whether you’re shifting mindsets, driving changes in culture or aligning around new ways of working – your business strategy forms the foundation of the Roundtable Catalyst program agenda.

Catalysts are senior leaders who develop their own group coaching and mentoring skills while building capacity in your next level of talent. Beyond traditional 1:1 mentoring programs, this small group (3-5 participant) cohort program expands perspectives and internal networks over a number of group sessions.

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Throughout your organization, you’ll see:

At an individual level, you’ll see:

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Catalyze a Culture of Collaboration

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