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The Grassroots Leadership Revolution

After over twenty years of leading teams and working with thousands of leaders, I’ve come to one clear conclusion: leadership isn’t learned in a binder... we learn it by doing. And, when we surround ourselves with really smart, ambitious people who are getting up every day to ‘do’ leadership, we’re going to raise our own game.

For the past two decades, I’ve helped groups of ambitious leaders come together, raise their game and take control of their careers. Now it’s your turn. In The Grassroots Leadership Revolution, I’m sharing my group coaching playbook so that you can create a community of leaders to help you get ahead. Leadership doesn’t have to be lonely. With The Grassroots Leadership Revolution, you’ll have the tools you need to take control of your career and build a trusted tribe to support you on your journey.

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We are experts in enabling leaders to navigate disruption, change and growth. Whether you’re changing culture, seeking to accelerate the return on a merger or acquisition, or pivoting to meet the demands of a shifting competitive landscape, our group coaching approach helps your most crucial leadership talent drive measurable results during times of uncertainty. Set up a free consultation today.


Praise for The Grassroots

Leadership Revolution

"In The Grassroot Leadership Revolution, Glain Roberts-McCabe presents a compelling and practical roadmap for leaders to support one another to raise their collective effectiveness and success. No matter where you are in your career as a leader you will find many gems in this book that will propel you to the next level."
Dr. Vince Molinaro
Founder and CEO of Leadership Contract Inc. New York Times bestselling author and leadership adviser to boards and C-Suite executives
"When Leadership is done right, it's both challenging and rewarding. You don't have to be on this journey alone! The ability to collaborate and build community will be one of the most coveted skills for future leaders in the coming decade. In The Grassroots Leadership Revolution, Glain Roberts-McCabe lays out the playbook for what you need to build your tribe to successfully navigate your career towards success. Packed with practical strategies, honest candor and real-world examples, leaders finally have a bullet-proof roadmap for success."
Anna Petosa
VP, People Ops, Pelmorex Corp.
"Glain Roberts-McCabe masterfully taps into 20+ years of executive coaching and support to provide a sublime blueprint toward people-first leadership. Grassroots Leadership delivers a practical yet thorough outline that will positively enrich how you build community."
Dan Pontefract
Best-selling author of OPEN TO THINK and THE PURPOSE EFFECT
"Glain's book is a genuine gift to anyone who needs a roadmap for both improving themselves as a leader. What is refreshing about Glain's experience and wisdom is she lays out the needed structure and specific concrete action steps that will actually pay off in results. The essence of the book is the building of an effective community that will provide mutual support and benefit. In our Stakeholder Centered Coaching practice we help leaders do the same by enlisting carefully chosen stakeholders who have a "stake" in the leader's success."
Frank Wagner
Co-Founder, Stakeholder Centered Coaching

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