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Digital badging gives Roundtable Alumni a way to showcase their commitment to leadership development. It recognizes the completion of The Roundtable’s rigorous and award-winning programs. Alumni who have earned any one (or more!) of our program badges have expanded their leadership knowledge, skills and abilities. These badges not only recognize your achievement, but are also a way to share and verify your accomplishment online with a broader audience and in real time.

You can easily share your Roundtable program badge on any social channels, including LinkedIn, and incorporate it into your email signature or blog.

Alumni Benefits

Organizational Benefits

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As a Roundtable Alumni, you can take pride in what you have achieved. Badges represent the successful completion of a Roundtable program with a verifiable description of the specific knowledge, skills, and criteria required to earn the badge. Digital badging helps ensure that all your hard work as a leader is recognized.

You will receive an email notification from us with instructions for claiming your badge and setting up your account.

The badge is a digital representation of the new leadership skills and abilities you have honed during the course of our program(s). It gives you an easy way to share your achievement online. Badges provide clients, employers and peers with concrete evidence of your commitment to leadership development.

For each program badge, specified criteria and required evidence are detailed in associated metadata, creating complete transparency for the recognition. Badge earners may choose to display and share their badges on social media, a personal thought-leadership blog or in their email signature.

It’s really easy. Just follow the handy instructions by our badge partner, Badgr, found here.

If you have any questions about our digital badges, please contact us.

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