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Beyond Behaviour: Tap into Collective Energy to Drive Results

October 11, 2023
10:00am-11:15am ET

Have you ever wondered why some team targets get consistently achieved while other ones tend to languish? Anyone who’s been a leader of a team has undoubtedly experienced the Ground Hog Day discussion on that one goal that never seems to quite make it across the finish line.  
What gets in the way and, as team leader, what part of the problem is yours to own? There’s an expression: where our energy flows, our attention goes. In this webinar, we are going to look at how motivational energy can either enable or derail our best laid plans and how the next evolution of leadership development is going to be about building energy awareness. Through the use of a real case example, we will:
  • explore a model that measures motivational energy, making the unconscious more tangible. 
  • unpack how unconscious biases affect team and team leaders decisions and outcomes both positively and negatively 
  • look at a simple framework for minimizing energy blindspots within teams and balancing under or overused energies to deliver results 



Coffee & Case Studies

October 19, 2023

Connect with fellow MRG Certified Pros to boost your skills and expand your MRG Toolkit network by attending the October 12th Coffee & Case Studies session!

What to expect:

You’ll meet with other MRG certified practitioners and work through a series of LEA cases drawn from real client files. With the members of the community, you’ll work through the scenarios, discuss insights and share approaches to help the end-client derive their own insight from the assessment debrief.

Case studies will be brief and sent in advance to assist in preparation. There will also be an opportunity to submit your own client LEA cases for group discussion.

Not certified in the LEA yet but curious to understand how it can complement your IDI certification? Feel free to register to learn how the suite of MRG products can work as a system and to hear how other practitioners have integrated it into their organizations.


Team Coaching Practioners Roundtable

October 17, 2023
4:00pm - 5:30pm ET

As the field of team coaching gathers momentum, bring your questions to this interactive panel featuring three seasoned team coaches who all bring a unique approach to their practices. Join Michelle Chambers, Dr. Jacqueline Peters and Glain Roberts-McCabe as they share the good, the bad and the ‘not so pretty’ when it comes to the art of coaching teams. Bring your questions and learn how our panelists have built their successful team coaching practices, the things they wished they’d know when they were starting out, and the key pitfalls to avoid when you engage with teams.


Be Awkward: The Competitive Edge You Didn’t Know You Needed with Henna Pryor

October 26, 2023
9:00am - 10:00am ET

Awkwardness isn’t a weakness to fix – it’s your greatest asset for professional and personal growth. In a time of blurred realities and filtered faces, embracing our awkwardness may seem counterintuitive. As 2x TEDx Speaker and Workplace Performance Expert Henna Pryor joins Glain Roberts-McCabe to share how by relishing our Good Awkward we can be more bold, boost our confidence, and take the necessary professional risks at work that help us meet our true potential.

Bring your questions and join us for a lively discussion as we unpack the exact reasons it’s been difficult to take risks – and how to move past it; how to wield your awkwardness as a weapon; and, steps we can take to be braver in the moments that count.

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