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Navigate Workplace Conflict: Have More Influence, Less Drama and Better Collaboration

September 19, 2024
9:00am ET

Conflict is hard. Few of us know the perfect words to say when we’re angry about a situation, struggling to deal with a difficult stakeholder, or when someone calls your game-changing idea “stupid.” And how many times do you walk away from conflict situations thinking either ‘why didn’t I say THAT!?’ or, ‘why did I have to go and say THAT!?’

We are excited to have five time author and global speaker, Karin Hurt join our Ask the Expert series to discuss findings from her expansive World Workplace Conflict and Collaboration research and share tips from her latest book Powerful Phrases for Dealing with Workplace Conflict. Karin and Glain will discuss practical approaches to find the courage, confidence, and competence to navigate even the trickiest conflict scenarios and build better, lasting collaborative relationships.

Come prepared to join the conversation with your toughest conflict situations and experiences. Let’s learn how to do better, together.

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