Roundtable Events

Ask the Expert: "Calm the Chaos" with Nicola Taggart

Tuesday October 27th
9am PST / 12pm EST

Covid-19 has sent us all to the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The uncertainty and unpredictability that comes with navigating a pandemic, plus the limits on our ability to socialize and connect with others are taking its toll.
Are you looking for tools to help you stay positive during this time of challenges, confusion and uncertainty? In this edition of our Roundtable Ask the Expert series, we’re sitting down with coach and author of Calm the Chaos, Nicola Ries Taggart to explore ways that we can create more inner peace while maintaining our outer presence.
Bring your curiosity and join us for a great discussion as we talk about daily practices for a more peaceful life. We’ll explore the challenges of juggling multiple responsibilities while keeping up with endless to-do lists, and learn exercises for mindfulness, self-care, awareness, gratitude and more! See you there!

Ask the Expert: "Lead. Care. Win. How to Become a Leader Who Matters" with Dan Pontefract

Wednesday November 25th
9am PST / 12pm EST

We are ready and yearning for a new type of leadership. One that puts people at the center of our work as leaders. It’s time to break free of the archaic notions of the heroic leader and embrace our collective humanity. It’s time to carve a new legacy as leaders focused on caring, engagement and – dare we say – love.

Join Glain Roberts-McCabe in conversation with the always brilliant and engaging Dan Pontefract, author of four books including his latest best seller: “Lead. Care. Win. How to Become a Leader Who Matters”. This conversation is going to be like Dan’s book – practical, actionable and tons of fun. Join us!