Meet Our Team

We’re not your typical leadership firm. Founded by a group of line executives and senior HR leaders, The Roundtable is a community where our clients provide input into our programs and programming. We come together to learn from each other and share what really works. We are a place where leadership is celebrated as an ongoing journey, not a one-time event. 

We celebrate FRESH IDEAS – We rally behind PERSONAL COURAGE – We open up opportunities for INSIGHT – We welcome DIVERSE THINKING – We cultivate TRUST – We challenge WHAT’S POSSIBLE – We inspire new BEHAVIOURS – We put leadership theories into ACTION and leadership actions into PERSPECTIVE

Our Team

Glain Roberts-McCabe

Founder & PrESIDENT

Leah Parkhill Reilly

Vice President, Programs

Colleen Headshot

Colleen Jones

Senior Coach & Director, Client Development

Ashley Michael Headshot

Ashley Michael

Senior Coach

Shelby Brown

Director, Client Services

Kenzie Headshot

Kenzie Bertrand

Manager, Programs

Susan MacKenzie

Senior Coach

Steve Gazzard

Steve Gazzard

Executive Coach

Shana McEachren

Shana McEachren

Executive Coach

Kevin Noronha - Headshot

Kevin Noronha

Executive Coach