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Catapult Team Performance

According to research by Team Coaching International, fewer than 10% of teams rate themselves as high performing. With productivity targets growing year over year and companies feeling pressure to do more with less, it’s never been more important for our teams to run like well-oiled machines.

Today’s accelerated pace of change puts increased pressure on teams to be nimble, adaptive and able to reassess, readjust and reposition their approaches to meet ever increasing demands.

We are moving from the time of IQ and EQ to We-Q. Our collective intelligence is what will allow our teams to improve performance and stay ahead of the curve.

Unlock your Team’s Star Power

Our Roundtable for High Performance Team Coaches program combines individualized coaching with group coaching sessions to help your leaders learn the skills to coach teams effectively. With the support of a team diagnostic, your team leaders will understand their team’s strengths and opportunities. This program will provide a platform for leaders to improve their team coaching skills and understand the building blocks of high performance.


Your leaders emerge with a measurable action plan grounded in data to deliver targeted improvements in both individual and team performance. Leaders will learn a process that can be leveraged again and again as the needs of the organization expand and evolve.

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At an individual level, you’ll see:

  • Broader understanding of the building blocks of high performance teams
  • Clarity on how to cultivate and maintain psychological safety
  • Increased awareness of how to establish expectations and create high performance cultures within a team
  • Deeper appreciation of team coaching skills and techniques and a framework to create an ongoing culture of feedback

At the team level, you’ll see:

  • Higher output aligned with shared goals
  • Stronger communication and collaboration
  • Increased leadership behaviours that drive results
  • Improved retention and workplace engagement
  • Shared understanding of the teams strengths and opportunity areas

What's Next?

See how our clients have leveraged the The Roundtable for High Performance Team Coaches Program to drive measurable results.


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