Why Work with the Roundtable?

We Don’t Give Leadership Lectures, We Cultivate Leaders

Somewhere along the way, many of your leaders have sat through hours or even days of a leadership crash course, and then were left to make the leap between theory and real life. This approach feels good in the moment but doesn’t lead to lasting change. Leadership isn’t learned in a binder from a one or two day event. We learn leadership by doing. Integrating new mindsets, behaviours and approaches into our day-to-day is the game changer for long-term success.

Roundtable programs are delivered over time in a way that allows leaders to learn together, support each other and shift their learning into lasting habits.


We celebrate FRESH IDEAS – We rally behind PERSONAL COURAGE – We open up opportunities for INSIGHT – We welcome DIVERSE THINKING – We cultivate TRUST – We challenge WHAT’S POSSIBLE – We inspire new BEHAVIOURS – We put leadership theories into ACTION and leadership actions into PERSPECTIVE

We Coach Your Leaders to Coach Each Other

The backbone of our approach is coaching. Participants in our programs regularly practice and get ongoing feedback on their coaching capability. Through this process, your leaders accelerate their coaching skills while benefiting from deepening relationships with their colleagues.  Embedding coaching in the culture of your organization will improve meetings, cross-functional projects and relationships across the organization. Plus, the relationships created will break down siloes and broaden strategic networks and views of talent across your organization.


We Align Leadership Development to Your Business Strategy

We believe that leadership development should always be grounded in the strategic needs of the business which are changing all the time.

Rather than running the same program every time, our coaching-based approach allows us to be agile and flexible. This ensures we are always selecting topics that resonate with the priorities of your leaders and your organization. Validated and tested learning frameworks combine with an adaptive learning design which allows you to bring consistency year-after-year while at the same time responding to the evolving needs of your key leadership talent.


We Are the Group and Team Coaching Authority

Many leadership development firms dabble in group and team coaching. For over a decade, we’ve chosen to specialize our entire practice in this area. Developing such deep expertise in both group and team coaching has helped us build authority in academic circles and reap accolades throughout the business world.


Some of our Wins:

In 2013, the Context of Canadian Business textbook featured our method as a best practice in leadership development. An academic paper on peer coaching was later published and we were also featured in HR Edge magazine.

In 2014, we won the Canadian Society of Training and Development Gold Award for our Roundtable for Leaders program with PepsiCo Foods Canada.

In 2015, we won the LEAD awards for best coaching and mentoring programs.

In 2016, we won the Canadian HR Award for External HR Advisor/Consultancy of the Year.

In 2018, our Roundtable Catalyst program was approved by the International Coach Federation for Coach Continuing Education (CCE) credits.

We’re Championing a Leadership Movement

How do you create a ripple effect so your best leaders can share their energy and inspire others?

Here’s the challenge: Leadership is lonely for those at the top, but also for growing leaders on their way up. They’re ambitious under pressure, overextended and striving for results. Research shows that your leaders don’t become better by isolating themselves, but rather by learning from the feedback, experience and support of their peers. And that’s why we need to build connections between highly talented individuals who are committed to professional growth.

Roundtable program participants gain new opportunities to connect with other leaders not only within your organization, but as part of our greater Roundtable Academy Community who are raising the water level at their own organizations. Through exclusive Roundtable leadership conferences, events and networking opportunities, your leaders will continue to learn from each other and change the very definition of leadership at their organizations.

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