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Create a Winning Culture

What brings an organization together and inspires leaders and teams to brilliantly execute on strategy and think and act like owners? The answer, for top-performing organizations, is culture—the values, mindsets, and behaviours that are the foundational to success.

Culture is the thread that binds an organization together. It unites teams and connects people to their sense of purpose, their jobs and the company itself. It’s also the hardest thing for competitors to copy. In short, culture, when done right, is your greatest asset.

Like leadership, a winning culture is intentional. It requires an honest perspective on your current state and clarity on where you want to get to. And, getting there, requires the hard work of shifting mindsets and deeply engrained behaviours. Roundtable for Winning Culture™ is a data-driven coaching program that helps to transform your culture from where it is now to where it needs to be for your people to thrive.

Your company culture is the great stabilizing force that helps your leaders and their teams to thrive as they navigate change, uncertainty and ambiguity. Roundtable for Winning Culture™ helps your organization align culture with strategy and purpose. We start by sparking a shift in the hearts, minds, and skills of your people and follow through by equipping them to sustain and support a new winning culture.

Transform Your Culture

Roundtable for Winning Culture™ starts with an audit to give you a deep understanding of your current culture. We leverage a groundbreaking tool to get actionable insights into team motivations, patterns, potential biases, and sources of misalignment. We then define the hallmarks of your desired culture and pinpoint the behaviours and mindsets required to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

To transform strategy into reality, Roundtable for Winning Culture™ equips your leaders with the skills and tools required to role model and coach others on the desired behaviours and mindsets, so they cascade through the organization.

For Your Organization, Roundtable for Winning Culture Delivers:

At an individual level, you’ll see:

Get Ready to Transform Your Culture

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