The Grassroots Leadership Revolution Micro-Course™

Learn How To Tap Into The Power Of Peer-To-Peer
Coaching In Under 10 Minutes Per Week

This FREE 6-lesson micro-learning course will arm you with the tools and insights you need for your peer coaching groups to thrive. We’ll dive into the neuroscience of how it makes learning stick, strategies for connecting behaviour change to organizational goals, the three macro success criteria and how to evaluate the ROI of your peer coaching groups. It’s packed with helpful frameworks, short and sweet videos, articles and more.

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7 Personal Videos

Each week features a video by Glain Roberts-McCabe, expanding on each lesson and sharing tips and insights.

Downloadable Tools

From checklists to coaching models to worksheets, you’ll get an array of tools to help apply the learning.

Actionable 'AHA' Moments

Get a deeper understanding of key factors that need to be in place for successful peer group coaching.

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