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Book Review: Give and Take

Book: Give and Take By: Adam Grant Reviewed by: Colleen Jones The Premise: Adam Grant is an organizational psychologist, best-selling author and one of Wharton’s highest rated professors, who dedicates

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Shared Learning, Collective Leadership

With the challenges of remote work, constant states of uncertainty and the ‘great resignation’ – all the while chasing ever-increasing targets – the brutal business reality is that the pressure

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Trust or Bust!

Hands down, trust between a leader and their team, and amongst team members is the single most important factor in creating and sustaining a high-performing team. Without trust, any other

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One Size Does Not Fit All

  The pressure is on for companies to equip and engage their talent to be able to retain leaders and high-potentials, prevent quiet quitting and avoid a scramble to find

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Book Review: You2

Book: You2 By: Price Pritchett Reviewed by: Glain Roberts-McCabe The Premise: Forget incremental change, in You2 psychologist Price Prichett challenges you to multiply your personal effectiveness in quantum leaps. Pritchett

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The Revenge of Gen X

So, here’s an interesting trend we’ve been following, one that will no doubt play a role in the workplace in 2023: The Revenge of Gen X.  Gen X is sometimes

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L&D is the X-Factor

There are a number of studies that show a strong correlation between L&D and company profitability. According to the Association of Talent Development, companies that invest in L&D have a

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Happy Holidays!

From everyone here at The Roundtable, we wish you a very happy holiday season and best wishes for a prosperous 2023. Our offices will be closed between December 23 and

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The Top 10 Articles of 2022

With 2023 almost upon us, it’s time to reflect back. We’ve gathered the most read articles from our blog for 2022. Here they are… 1. Deepening Learner Engagement This article

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