2023 L&D Trends Report: What to Pay Attention to This Year

2023 L&D Trends Report Cover

In case you missed it, our last webinar was one lively session with colleagues Tricia Naddaff, CEO of Management Research Group and Erin Spink, Executive Director with the Institute for Performance and Learning. We covered a lot of ground: from where we need to go with DEIB; how the R word is an opportunity for L&D to shift the conversation; and, why a move towards collective leadership is of paramount importance for organizations today. To see all of the trends, download our latest L&D Trends report.

(You can watch the replay here.)

So much wisdom, so little time! Partially because I inadvertently cut our conversation short by 30 minutes because I misread by calendar invite! If you’d like an encore Roundtable discussion to dive into this conversation further, let me know and we’ll set it up!

Erin, Tricia and I all had our own key takeaways from the conversation. Here are each of our personal highlights:

Erin’s Highlights


Ending ‘Heroic’ Leadership

Acknowledging that leaders don’t have to be all-knowing, all-seeing or perfect and the importance of re-humanizing leadership. L&D has such an important role in this. As Tricia notes, prioritizing what is truly important and feasible to support employee’s performance over the trendy or the hyped.

The Impact of Change

The speed of change taking place and the multi-faceted levels on which people are experiencing change (personal/professional) and combining that with shifts in what younger generations are expecting and how they’re framing work within the broader context of their lives has a lot of implications – and opportunities – to how we approach training and development.

Tricia’s Highlights


Rightsizing Content

Choice isn’t always a good thing. Too many development options can inadvertently overburden people by generating unrealistic expectations and is often beyond what people can actually absorb and practice. Less is more and can yield a higher impact.

Changing the Leadership Narrative

When we start to shift the organizational mindset of heroic leadership to a mindset of shared leadership, and employ approaches like peer coaching and thought partnership, we start to cultivate cultures where leaders are able to expand their own toolkits by tapping into the capability of others.

Glain’s Highlights


It’s Not Just Complex, It’s Psychologically Complex

The idea of neuroscience making it’s way into learning and development is a fascinating one as we continue to see the complexity of the world itself weighing into the psyche of learners.

The Need for ‘Macro-Management’

With all the complexity in today’s workplaces, learning and development can play a key role in viewing learning beyond singular events and experiences. With a potential recession on the horizon, L&D teams have a great opportunity to step back and assess what approaches will support their organizations in the most sustainable way and take a macro view to driving sustainable learning and growth.

There was lots more, so tune in to the discussion to hear what leadership behaviours Tricia’s research team has identified as critical and what Erin sees on the horizon for the industry as it relates to DEIB and so much more.

Thanks to everyone who joined us.

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