Shared Learning, Collective Leadership

With the challenges of remote work, constant states of uncertainty and the ‘great resignation’ – all the while chasing ever-increasing targets – the brutal business reality is that the pressure on leaders is mounting. To say that the past two years have been a challenge for leaders and their organizations is an understatement at best.

Skills development and behavioural change have never been more mission critical. Yet, when it comes to supporting high potentials and current leaders, is one-to-one executive coaching sustainable?

One of the trends that was amplified by the pandemic is the shift towards shared learning –a collaborative, cohort-based approach to leadership development. Group coaching/shared learning is a strategic way to cultivate community and connection, and break down silos between functions in the process.

When it comes to developing talent, we are still mostly stuck in an 18th-century mindset where learning is primarily focused on the individual. In today’s collaborative workplaces, most key learning opportunities centre on the need to shift mindsets, attitudes and behaviours. And, let’s face it, these are the things that are the hardest to develop. They’re even more difficult to develop without the support of those around you. We need to stop learning in isolation and start learning collectively.

Another aspect to consider is leadership — leadership today is incredibly complex. Beyond learning together, leaders need to move away from the idea of “heroic leadership” and work in tandem as a collective, where the knowledge and expertise of the group is used more effectively and more agilely.

And what about you? Are you seeing the shift towards collective learning and leading in your organization?

Peer group coaching may be just what your organization has been looking to take its employee development efforts to the next level. If you’d like to know more about our group coaching programs, contact us to start a conversation.




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