Who’s Turn Is It To be Right?

Posted March 1, 2010 in Leadership, Self-Insight, What We're Reading

By: Suzanne Alis Routh

Reviewed By: Glain Roberts-McCabe

The Premise: If the word “intimacy” makes you squirm, join the club. Personal development consultant and coach, Suzanne Aldis Routh doesn’t mince words in this book that explores better ways to build better relationships and yes, the word intimacy figures throughout. From looking at various barriers to effective communication, Aldis Routh provides some practical strategies to help you improve communications in all areas of your life. The approach is a combination of interesting tidbit, personal observation and self-reflective coaching. In addition to what you can expect from this type of book (listening skills, conflict resolution strategies), there’s some fresh thinking on exploring what personal barriers may be standing in your way and how to effectively collaborate (vs. compromise). Peppered with humourous cartoons, the writing style of this slim volume is both easy and approachable.

The Bottom-line: This book falls into my “multiple bangs for the buck” category. I always like it when I can use lessons learned at both work and home. This is certainly the case with Who’s Turn is it To be Right? The title of the book alone was a great tool for me to use with my other half over a particularly heated discussion recently. Aldis Routh’s creative approach is evident throughout with quotes, stats and theory easily flowing throughout the book. Her personal observations and examples bring the pitfalls vividly to life (I related to lots of the scenarios used) and peppered throughout are solid tips, checklists and techniques to help you improve your relationships. Our ability to connect with others is possibly one of the greatest gifts we have and for leaders looking at better ways to connect with key individuals in both their professional and personal lives, this book delivers some great techniques.

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