The Earned Life

Glain Roberts-McCabe in The Earned Life

I am beyond thrilled to be a part of the new, award-winning Marshall Goldsmith full-feature biography movie, The Earned Life. And, I’m inviting you to the exclusive advance screening followed by a Q&A with the cast, including me.

Sign up here to watch the screening on Thursday, March 11th.

This amazing movie will be only available for free for 24 hours on that day, a week before the official launch, so make sure to register now and join.

In the movie, I talk about our experience leveraging Marshall’s behaviour-based approach within group coaching. If you’re an experienced coach looking to expand your capability in group and team coaching, check out The Group Coach Academy certification program.

To get tips on how to start your own trusted community of leaders, grab a copy of my book The Grassroots Leadership Revolution. HR and L&D professionals, you can take the free microcourse here to get strategies to help group coaching thrive in your organization.

See you online at this exclusive screening on March 11th.


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