The 3 Key Learning Outcomes EVERY Organization Needs

Around the world, organizations are making significant investments in human capital development to achieve business competitiveness and sustainable growth. Companies are looking to build the attitudes and actions that will best support their corporate strategy. These can include more collaboration, better (and faster) decision-making, or higher resilience and agility.

All of these skills and behaviours boil down to three mission-critical learning outcomes that every organization needs as a result of leadership development. Here’s a walkthrough of the three key learning outcomes we are passionate about helping our clients achieve:

1. Exceptional Leadership

A key question many C-suite and HR leaders are asking themselves is this: How do we optimize passion and potential in our high-value leaders? Many organizations are treading water; leaders show up, do their job, go home, rinse and repeat. Some companies are at the stage where leaders are engaged and performing. And often this is where they stop. We believe that organizations should not stop at the “good enough” line. Imagine if your high-value leaders were so engaged and passionate that they were galvanizing those around them, helping them to bring out their true potential. What kind of difference would that make to your organization?

2. Exceptional Performance

Organizations today are looking to tap into and unleash the exponential power of the team. When individuals come together, share knowledge and collaborate, their efforts are amplified a hundredfold. Yet, most companies struggle with this. Some have some heroic efforts of a few individuals, but that risks overextending your key leaders. Very few organizations have realized true shared ownership. This is one of many reasons everyone at The Roundtable rallies around group coaching. It means that through a shared learning experience, we can deliver interventions that move the needle from one of a few burned out heroes regularly saving the day to one of shared ownership and accountability, where everyone is rowing in the same direction.

3. Exceptional Culture

When you can create a place that top talent wants to flock to, it’s a result of exceptional culture. Culture is the thread that binds an organization together. It unites teams and connects people to their sense of purpose, their jobs and the company itself. It’s also the hardest thing for competitors to copy. In short, culture, when done right, is your greatest asset. Many companies talk about their culture, but you’d be hard-pressed to feel it or experience it. In some progressive organizations, you have a couple of people who are “doing it” – walking the walk, etc. However, to create exceptional culture, you have to shift from “saying it” to “doing it” to actually “being it.”

These three key learning outcomes combine to be the difference-maker in any organization. Think about it. If your organization had exceptional leadership, where leaders were galvanizing their peers and teams, where performance is driven by shared ownership and where you’ve created an environment where exceptional people want to come and stay… imagine what could be possible.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can maximize your existing one-to-one executive coaching programs into high impact group programs, feel free to reach out to me to discuss your strategic priorities. Together we can break down silos in your organization, and create an exceptional place to work.

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