How Coaching Can Flatten Hierarchies

The relentless pace of change in the corporate world today requires teams to collaborate and communicate across functions to problem-solve in real time and make faster decisions. In short, you need to flatten hierarchies.

In today’s world of instant communication via email, text or Zoom, you’d think that the concept of working across an organization should be the everyday experience for most businesses. But you’d be mistaken. The reality is that large organizations are still very complex, with highly structured and hierarchical environments.

Departmental and functional silos are a challenge for organizations of all sizes. Silos create redundant work, distract teams from aligning on priorities, and destroy opportunities for collaboration. So, what can HR and organizational leaders do to promote knowledge sharing, cooperation between departments and increase organizational alignment?

The answer may lie in how leaders and high-potentials are developed.

More and more, talent and development professionals and senior leaders are looking to group coaching as an effective way to flatten the hierarchy and build internal networks across the organization. Group coaching brings together cross-functional leaders, enabling them to get out of their own little box. It creates an opportunity for dialogue throughout an organization.

While 1-to-1 coaching has its place, group coaching, like The Roundtable’s Roundtable for Leaders program, is a combination of both an individual and collective journey that profoundly deepens participant self- awareness and insights in a powerful group setting where leaders hold each other accountable.

Group coaching allows leaders to:

  • Address real issues in real time
  • Share strategies and exchange best practices on what’s working and what’s not
  • Maintain connection, build engagement and create a sense of community regardless of proximity

Humans are social creatures by nature, and we learn through our interactions with others. The one-or-two-day, off-site approach to leadership development is antiquated. It doesn’t address the very real issues of fragmented corporate cultures or how to create strong internal networks and encourage diversity of thought.

Instead, we need to support a more holistic group approach where leaders gather and there is a safe space to explore ideas, support each other and expand capabilities both individually and collectively. By flattening the hierarchy and shifting to a collective approach to problem solving, you can deepen the awareness of the common challenges and the opportunities that exist across functions.

Here at The Roundtable, we’ve been leading group coaching programs for over 15 years. Our programs deliver measurable outcomes in the areas of:

1. Exceptional culture
2. Exceptional performance
3. Exceptional leadership

If you’d like to learn more about how you can maximize your existing one-to-one executive coaching programs into high impact group programs, feel free to reach out to me to discuss your strategic priorities. Together we can break down silos in your organization.



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