Decision making

What To Do When It’s Your Turn (and it’s always your turn)

By: Seth Godin Reviewed by: Shelby Gobbo The Premise: As soon as you open this book, it speaks to you not only through Seth Godin’s words but through the bold imagery and photography that he has paired with each message. He opens with this, “This is a book about opportunity. The opportunity to take your …

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Mentoring Matters – Christine Pietschmann

Roundtable Mentor, Christine Pietschmann, Founder, Paradigm Strategies, shared her tips for creating team unity in a dynamic environment. “…instead of commiserating, or taking it away to ‘handle it’ myself, I would ask them if they had spoken to the other person.  Usually, they hadn’t.  This provided an opportunity for me to help them think through …

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Mentoring Matters – Barbara Pepin

Roundtable Mentor, Barbara Pepin, Senior Director Data Management & Product Onboarding at Indigo, shared her strategies for dealing with a stressful situation involving multiple levels of management. “…the short term discomfort of tackling the situation head on is far less stressful in the long term.” READ MORE