#leadershiptruth – It doesn’t matter

There’s an expression that goes treat everything as if it’s the only thing that matters, knowing that it doesn’t matter at all.

How often do you carry situations in your mind where you felt you shoulda, woulda, coulda done better, been better, delivered more, you name it? How often do you ruminate over things that really don’t matter all that much?

Most of us are world-class worriers to some degree. We spend too much time thinking about the past and focusing on things that are simply loose threads in the overall tapestry of our lives.

Be present in the moment you’re in right now, apply the best of your ability, then move on. If you have something to learn from a situation, learn it, action it but always remember that most of the things we do are not going to be remembered after we’re gone. Put more of your energy into the things that will be.

What really matters to you?