Worst top talent recruiting strategy EVER!!!

Posted September 4, 2009 in Communication, Latest News & Insights

The big news in Toronto these days is the horribly sad tale of Michael Bryant, political fast-tracker, and Darcy Sheppard, bike courier.  In case you missed it, Bryant (in his car) and Sheppard (on his bike) got into an altercation on Toronto’s busy Bloor Street that left Sheppard dead and Bryant’s career dead in the water.

It’s a truly horrible story where two people’s lives have been shattered because of a minor incident that escalated out of control.  But this blog isn’t about the accident… it’s about the amazing spin that Councillor Sandra Bussin managed to put on it.  According to Bussin, the buzz from this tragic event is going to really help attract star candidates to Bryant’s former post as CEO of the newly launched economic development group Invest Toronto.


To quote directly from the September 3 Globe and Mail: 

“There’s a setback obviously by losing his talent, but also timing in terms of filling the position.  It could take a matter of months,” she said.  On the bright side, Ms. Bussin said the story is so high profile it may serve to draw interest in Invest Toronto and could potentially enlarge the pool of star candidates keen on replacing Mr. Bryant.

Okay… so a fast-tracking, high performers career and life is thrown into shambles and another man is DEAD and a Toronto City Councillor is labeling the situation a positive for filling the candidate funnel.

Someone needs a course on how to speak to the media.

As a leader, it’s an important skill to know how to spin a message, but Ms. Bussin gives us a great example of how NOT to spin one.  Take it and learn.

Happy leading!

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  2. Well said…

    Crass, vulgar and reprehensible…I can only hope that the talent pool that would be qualified for the role at Invest Toronto would ensure that they distanced themselves from Councillor Bussin as quickly as possible.