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Why Digital Badging Matters

Digital badges are becoming more and more prevalent as they are highly beneficial to both leaders and their organizations. They are becoming the preferred way to recognize micro-credentials, study units that focuses on specific leadership skills or competencies.

Soft skills, such as self-awareness, empathy, listening and the ability to coach and motivate others are often hard to prove, and digital badge help fix this problem. They provide a record of the unique leadership skills a person has worked hard to achieve.

The Roundtable is thrilled to announce we are now offering digital badges for the successful completion of our Roundtable for Leaders program, Roundtable Catalyst program, and Roundtable for High Performance Team Coaches program.

For leaders, digital badges are portable visible proof of their acquired skills and accomplishments. These act as success signals and can be easily displayed on a professional profiles, email signature, and on social media. When you earn a digital badge, you have the opportunity to share it easily on social media, instantly sending a success signal, increasing your reputation and building trust in your skills as a leader.

For organizations, it’s a way to recognize and reward key talent. It also shows the company’s commitment to employee engagement and ongoing development – so key to helping establish a reputation as an employer of choice. The badges empower employees to become life-long learners and create career journeys to become better leaders.

Our award-winning programs are rigorous, and each digital badge is evidence of a person’s hard work to acquire new skills and leadership behaviours. The badge captures and communicates what an individual knows and can demonstrate proof of learning objectives.

For more information, visit our page on our digital badges.