Talk about a leadership challenge

Posted November 5, 2008 in Latest News & Insights

Barack Obama makes history by becoming the first bi-racial President in US history. No doubt, an amazingly motivating achievement for millions of Americans and “underdogs” globally. But I had to wonder, once the hype surrounding the historical significance wears off (which seems to happen fairly quickly these days), will Obama live up to the halo of his promise?

He is stepping into what has to be one of the most tumultous times in US history – war, economic nightmares, environmental crises. It will be a true test of his leadership mettle.

There’s no doubt that Barrack Obama is an incredibly intelligent and accomplished individual. But is he ready to lead a country? If the US government was a corporation, would Obama have been the succession candidate?

I believe the first indication of whether Obama will thrive in his new role will be to see who he chooses to support him. Studies show new leaders typically derail within 18 months, so who Obama surrounds himself with to coach and mentor him through this significant leadership transition will likely impact how the history books will remember the man who broke the race barrier and gave America hope for a better tomorrow.

This is leadership development in a fishbowl at it’s finest. Watch and learn.

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