#leadershiptruth – Your legacy is happening now.

Posted May 8, 2018 in Latest News & Insights

Have you ever thought about what you’ll be doing when you retire? Once the novelty of travelling, playing golf and sitting around watching Netflix in your onesie has worn off, then what? Read any book – like Tuesdays with Morrie for example – and the messages are always around the idea that, as humans, we want to know that we’ve left our mark in some small way. That we mattered and made a difference. Here’s where I think many leaders have lost the plotline to our greatest opportunity. As we drown in the minutia of day-to-day management, we lose sight of the something that’s amazing. Every day that you are leading others, you are crafting your legacy. Every day that you are in a leadership role, you have the opportunity to make a positive, lasting difference in the lives of the people around you. Every day you are making your mark and leaving your legacy. Isn’t that incredible? Doesn’t that just give you chills? So, how are you going to impact somebody’s life today?


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