#leadershiptruth – Your comfort zone is a career killer.

The riskiest place to be in your career is when you’re too comfortable. Our brains will work harder to keep us away from risk than they will to pursue reward. This screws us up at work because once we get to a certain level or position, we stop taking risks because we want to keep the job we’ve landed instead of pushing for higher rewards. This typically translates into not pushing the envelope, not trying new things… not adding value. In all the work I’ve done, I’ve seen many great people get laid off because they checked all the basic boxes of their job well, but didn’t really do anything ‘extra.’ In today’s workplace, the best security you can have is to continually look for ways to add value beyond your current role. Just delivering on expectations often isn’t enough. If you’re feeling pretty comfortable in your job right now, be worried. Stay curious my friends. It’s your best bet for job security.