#LeadershipTruth – Not Every Opinion Matters

In Brené Brown’s great book, Daring Greatly, she opens with a quote from Theodore Roosevelt that essentially talks about not listening to the pundits in the stands, but valuing the opinions of those who are down in the arena of life getting dirty and bloody with you.

Leadership is a contact sport. There are days when you are going to do the right thing and there are days when you are going to wish you’d never got out of bed. Many days will likely be a mix of both.

As you travel through your leadership career, choose carefully the people whose opinions you take to heart. It’s easy to hold onto everything negative that is hurled our way. Think carefully about whose opinions really matter and, when something goes wrong, listen to their input and act on it. Not every opinion on your leadership matters. Choose the ones that do.

Whose opinion matters most to you?


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