#leadershiptruth – Live your values.

Posted September 19, 2017 in Latest News & Insights

During my time at the Roundtable, I’ve had the great privilege of interviewing over 100 leaders on various leadership topics. I’m always particularly fascinated with how they’ve faced tough times like layoffs, plant closures, strikes, etc. Invariably, every leader answers the same thing when I ask how they got through those situations: I listen to my values. So if values are so critical to decision making, why aren’t they taught to us earlier in life? I’m continually amazed by the number of leaders who are unaware of their values. There are plenty of programs online to help you determine what they might be. It’s important to know because, after all, your values drive your behaviour and, in my experience, when your values are being compromised, you’re going to be extremely unhappy.


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