#leadershiptruth – Let them see you sweat.

Posted July 17, 2018 in Latest News & Insights

When I first started managing other people, I was convinced that if I didn’t have all the right answers, they would think I was incompetent. As a result, I spent my early leadership career on the brink of burnout from trying to juggle all the balls and keep the pressure I was feeling to myself. Finally, I found myself in a position where holding it together simply was no longer feasible and, in the heat of the moment, ended up sharing my fears and frustrations with one of my direct reports. It turned out to be a watershed moment for me. Instead of feeling weak, it opened the door for my team to rally around and, together, we worked through options and solutions that helped us (and me) move forward. Asking for help is not something that comes easily for me. I continue to take on more than I need to in order to not let my team ‘see me sweat,’ but what I do know is that most people want to be part of the solution. Being willing to show a little bit of vulnerability allows you to, not only get to a better outcome, but also allows others to feel good about their contributions.


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