#leadershiptruth – Lead with a kite, not a leash.

Posted March 13, 2018 in Latest News & Insights

I once interviewed a guy who said that he gave his people enough leash not to choke themselves. I never really liked that visual. Recently, I heard a CEO talk about leading with a kite not a leash. The idea being that a kite can float and move in various directions while the kite flyer gently guides and keeps the kite airborne. It’s a much better visual than choking people with a leash. It’s also quite fitting in the disruptive world of work. Outside forces (rain, wind, trees) can cause a kite to get tangled, disoriented and plunge to the earth. Leaders need to anticipate changes, shift direction and, from time to time, pick up the pieces. I think we’re in the era of kite leadership for sure.


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