#leadershiptruth – Don’t let your story derail you.

Posted November 14, 2017 in Latest News & Insights

I have this tape in my head that continually tells me that I’m not good enough. Most of us have a version of this tape. Our tapes usually get embedded in our brains from an early age as a result of parenting, school teachers or other influencers. Some of the stories we tell ourselves about our abilities and potential do nothing but limit us and sometimes they actually work to derail our efforts. I have a story that I tell myself that when I get stressed I’m an emotional eater. It consistently derails my attempts to eat healthily. I also have a story that I tell myself that I’m not a very patient person (because, after all, my dad wasn’t very patient). I often use this tape as an excuse when I’ve behaved in a way that I’m not particularly proud of. Getting rid of old tapes isn’t easy but, with practiced reflection, you can slowly start to identify the patterns and create a new dialog for yourself. Consistency and focus is the key. I still don’t think I’m as patient as I could be but I’m leaps and bounds better than I used to be.  #leadershiptruth

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