#leadershiptruth – Create Connection Not Division

Posted December 10, 2019 in Latest News & Insights

Social media has turned us all into micro-celebrities. Our posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram all become hot spots for inviting both support and criticism. You don’t need to be Kim Kardashian to find yourself trolled on LinkedIn (which is a fascinating way for the person doing the trolling to build their personal brand when you think about it). We have become a culture where we shoot first and ask questions later. Public shaming with a click of a mouse is the easy way to go. It’s akin to flipping someone off while speeding past them on the highway. Leaving trolling comments on posts instead of seeking to understand has become a norm. We all know that written communication is the least effective form of conveying opinions. If you find yourself getting trolled online, try tracking down your troll and talking to them in person. I’ve done it a few times. It’s a great way to practice courageous conversations and, in all cases, I’ve ended up having a great conversation. We’re not as far apart as we think we are and, in today’s times, we need to create connection not division.


How do you deal with online trolls?

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