Executricks: or How to Retire While You’re Still Working

Posted June 1, 2008 in Career Management, What We're Reading

By: Stanley Bing

Reviewed By: Glain Roberts-McCabe

The Premise: Once you achieve the upper echelons of corporate power, why not milk it for all it’s worth? Stanley Bing provides a step-by-step approach to keeping the big paycheque coming while, at the same time, enjoying the spoils of C-suite life…lunching, golfing, and executive travel. In true Bing style, his cheeky observations on corporate life are filled with (sad) truths, that one doesn’t doubt – if executed well – can allow an individual to pull in big dollars without breaking much of a sweat. How else can one explain CEO’s who manage to pull in huge bonuses while their companies hemorrhage millions?

The Bottom-line: Stanley Bing is the creation of Gil Schwartz, EVP of Communications for CBS. If his satirical look at the dark underbelly of corporate life isn’t for you, then give this one a skip. Personally, I find stepping into Schwartz’s mind – through the character of Bing – a fascinating journey. Bing gives us a dry-witted glimpse into the mind of a corporate stereotype (ie: 50+ white male executive) of a certain era. Bring on the martinis.

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