Are you a Micro Celebrity… and don’t even know it?

Posted April 30, 2009 in Communication, Latest News & Insights

A couple of weeks ago, I was in an unnamed airport going to an unnamed city when I saw a familiar face in the waiting room.  Except, I couldn’t place the face… ever have that happen to you?

I was going to approach the person in question, but they struck me as having a bit of a bad day.  They had that “don’t come near me, because I may just rip your head off” kind of a look.  So, I left them alone.

Fast forward to 24 hours later and I’m updating my Twitter site when I realize that the person in question is someone that I follow on Twitter. Hmmmmmmm. Not sure that the impression left at the airport was one that they would want me to have, professionally speaking.

It got me thinking about the downside of using social media…you’re entering the “famous” face realm without a PR net.

I remember hearing Mike Lipkin (great consultant) talk at a session once about always being aware that – especially in his line of work as a motivational speaker – he was always on stage.  Nobody wants to see the guy who’s just spent 2 hours inspiring you, hanging around an airport lounge ranting on his phone or looking like someone just killed his puppy.  It’s brand YOU baby.

Executive tweeting is currently en vogue with tons of CEO’s and corporate execs using it as a platform to promote their businesses (as well as regale you with life in the Fab lane).  With hundreds or thousands of followers tuning in to your every move, chances are you don’t them…but they know you thanks to that fabulous picture you have beside all your “tweets”.

So… welcome to Britney-ville ladies and gentleman where your every move is scrutinized by your adoring flock of followers… whether you know it or not.  Makes me wonder if you should hire a good publicist should you decide to make it big in the microblogging community!  The last thing you need is one of your followers (aka top customers) witnessing your meltdown at Tim’s when you’re double double isn’t quite hot enough.

Happy leading!

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