A Visual Journey Through Recharge 2018

Posted November 20, 2018 in Alumni Exchange, Latest News & Insights

Once again, Recharge was filled with great takeaways and plentiful knowledge bombs. Luckily, we had Erica Bota from ThinkLink Graphics with us to document the learning through stunning visuals. Take a look, and share your favourites!

Improv Mindset
with Nancy Watt

Nancy shared improv exercises to help us understand the mechanics of collaboration and the importance of psychological safety in teams.


Technology Disruption
with Daneal Charney, Ali Hirji and Ali El-Shayeb

The panelists discussed the myriad uses of data in today’s technology-driven workplace, and the ethical considerations they apply to their work.


The Unspeakables
with Allan Reid, Lyne Castonguay, and Kathryn Matheson

The panelists shared personal stories of challenges that have shaken their leadership journeys, and the strategies they used to overcome unthinkable hardship.


Energy vs Age
with Tricia Naddaff

Tricia led a discussion about generational identity and shared research which suggests that most generational differences come down to a difference in age.


Cultivating a Champion Mindset
with Jean François Ménard

JF told stories of his work with elite athletes and inspired us to bring a high-performance mindset to our daily challenges.

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