2024 Leadership Trends Report: Top 5 Challenges

As a coaching company focused exclusively on key talent, we’ve spent the past year in deep conversations with rising leaders from across industries, functions and levels and have noticed some trends that don’t seem to be self-correcting.  

Your best and brightest are running out of steam. And the challenge for the HR teams and senior executives who support these leaders is that you’d probably never know it.   

In our upcoming 2024 Leadership Trends Report, we offer insights into the Top 5 challenges your top talent is feeling. What’s lurking under those sunny smiles and can-do attitudes? 

If you are aiming to plan an effective talent strategy that puts you far ahead of your competitors, this report covers: 

  1. Why leaders are afraid to demand too much of their team. (Page 5) 
  2. What to do to combat the ubiquitous feeling of being overwhelmed. (Page 7 & 8) 
  3. How to ensure productivity when your team is in a constant state of flux. (Page 9) 
  4. Why leaders in the middle are unsure of their priorities (and what to do about it.) (Page 10 & 11) 
  5. How to drive recognition and appreciation in your organization. (Page 12)  

In the year ahead, like in every year, the pace of business will only continue to increase. Leaders and their organizations will continue to face new situations that will require them to adapt and innovate. The Leadership Report is a must-read for the C-suite, senior leaders, and Chief People Officers (or anyone involved in leadership development.) It’s packed with insights and strategies that will make a meaningful difference to your key talent and all those they interact with.  

This is your opportunity to get an exclusive pre-launch access so you can read the report before anyone else.  

Circle the Date 

Join us on January 25 for our webinar, when The Roundtable’s Founder and President, Glain Roberts-McCabe will share highlights of the report as well as what HR and talent teams can do to help simplify the increasing complexity faced by today’s leaders. By understanding the unspoken struggles these leaders are facing and adopting some of the strategies that we outline, your organization won’t get caught off guard by talent upheavals that could have been avoided. 

Register today. 

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