Leadership Week – Manifesto #3

Posted June 14, 2016 in Latest News & Insights, Leadership

This week we are celebrating great leaders who make a difference. Leaders who drive results while focusing on people. Leaders who balance profit with planet and make an impact not just today, but with an eye on the future.

Each day as we highlight the values of great leadership, we encourage you to tag a leader who inspired you in the comments below or visit our Facebook page and tag them or share our leadership snapshots with them to send them the recognition they deserve!

Leadership Manifesto #3 – Storm the Boundaries

LW idea 1-02In a world where change is beyond the new normal, the need to innovate and collaborate will separate the industries that thrive from those that cling to survival. Leaders need to storm the boundaries of mindsets, silos and processes to keep their organizations relevant.

“Leaders who drive innovation know how to move beyond the boundaries of Can’t, Won’t, Don’t want to try…” Tweet This!

Encourage innovation by asking ‘how’ instead of saying ‘no’. Tap the expertise of leaders across functional divides. Silos stifle innovation while collaboration unleashes it.

Great leaders set aside turf wars and fiefdoms to tap the intelligence available across their organization and beyond their company’s walls.

Which leaders you know are boundary breakers?

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