#leadershiptruth – Go for the direction, not the destination.

Posted January 2, 2018 in Latest News & Insights

I once had an ambitious colleague who was very focused on proving to me that they were ready to take on a broader role. They spent a lot of time and energy trying to convince me that they could step up to a bigger leadership position. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being ambitious… the problem occurs when you put your ambition ahead of delivering results. In as much as this person was keen to advance, they weren’t taking care of the basics of their existing role. It’s next to impossible to advocate for expanded responsibilities for a colleague when they’re not meeting the essentials of a current role. If you’ve got your eye on a bigger prize, make sure you’re knocking your current gig out of the park. It’ll be much easier to convince people that you’re ready for the next big move.


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