#leadershiptruth – Be a learner, not a judger.

Posted December 12, 2017 in Latest News & Insights

I loved the book ‘Change your Questions, Change your Life’. It’s structured around the very simple concept that our brains tend to be wired to judge other people’s actions and intentions. We create stories about what they were doing and come up with our own answers and rebuttals prior to connecting with them. We are naturally judgers. Don’t believe me? Listen to your inner voice next time you see a child behaving badly at a restaurant or a person being belligerent. See how quickly you jump to judgement. What if, instead of judging, you went into situations as a learner? How would that change your perspective and the potential outcomes of the discussion? Give it a try next time you’re heading into a hot conversation. Instead of working on your arguments, work on your questions.


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