Yes Please

Posted January 1, 2015 in Self-Insight, What We're Reading

By: Amy Poehler

Review by: Glain Roberts-McCabe

The Premise: Yes Please is comedienne Amy Poehler’s witty, candid and – sometimes – stream of consciousness autobiography that takes on a journey from her idyllic childhood to her Golden Globe winning role on Parks and Recreation. Yes Please offers Amy’s thoughts on everything from growing up in Boston, to writing for SNL. Chapters like The Day I was Born, Parents Just Do Understand, Humping Justin Timberlake and My World Famous Sex Advice, give you an indication of how much ground gets covered. The book is divided into three broad sections: Say Whatever You Want; Do Whatever You Like; and Be Whoever You Are. Chapters are filled with quick wit combined with thoughtful and insightful wisdom. Conversational and very easy to read, the book tends to bounce around from topic to topic and story to story, not unlike a series of SNL skits. There’s even a haiku on plastic surgery.

The Bottom-line: It’s pretty impossible not to like Amy Poehler after reading this book. She comes across as one of the most down-to-earth and likeable people you’re ever not likely to meet. I loved this book for many reasons – it was both funny and sad; there were nuggets of great advice; plus I always wanted to know how the Golden Globe nomination where all the nominees went on stage as their names were being read was conceived. But, what I loved about this book most of all is it is truly a lesson in the discipline of building a successful career. From her early days in Improv to her current successes, Poehler is open and candid about her insecurities, ego and drive to be successful. She’s unapologetic about her “B” performances and inspiring in the ways she stepped up and took risks instead of waiting in the wings. Great careers don’t happen overnight. They take years of focused discipline. Yes Please is a wonderful example of how pursuing your passion, honing your craft and not letting the haters bring you down can help you find yourself in the career (and life) of your dreams. #inspiring!

Roundtable Rating: Fun, light read with some great messages for career, leadership and life. Great beach book for anyone heading down south to escape the snow.

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