Wrapping up 2009

Posted December 31, 2009 in Latest News & Insights

The past week has provided a deluge of year end wrap-ups.  Here are just a few of our favourites as you wind down the hours of 2009.  On behalf of our intrepid team here at The Executive Roundtable, happy new year to all our readers and we wish you great happiness and success in 2010.

Jib Jab’s hilarious video recap of the notable and notorious events of ’09.

Bigg Success’ The 5 Worst Reasons to Do Anything

Best and Worst CEO Buzz of 2009 from Fortune Magazine

PROFIT’s Canada’s Entrepreneurs of the Decade

Fast Company.com’s top slide shows of 2009 (including their top business books)

Forbes editor’s predictions for 2010

Best and Worst bonuses of 2009 from the Huffington Post

And, let’s not over look Esarcasm’s Biggest Douche Bags of the Year 2009. (Their title, not mine, so don’t kill the messenger… but a funny list that, yes, includes Kanye West’s awards show debacle amongst other dumb moves of the past year.)

Happy leading!

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