The Ultimate Guide to Group Coaching

Ultimate Guide to Group Coaching Report Cover

It’s launched! Here at The Roundtable, we often field questions relating to group coaching. So, we thought it would be helpful to put together a complete guide. Introducing the The Ultimate Guide to Group Coaching.

The Ultimate Guide to Group Coaching is full of strategies and insights to help learning professionals understand exactly what group coaching is (and isn’t!) and delve into how it fast-tracks learning and behaviour change.

You can download the complete guide at the top of the page to read later, or check out the various chapters, including:

  1. Group Coaching vs Individual Coaching
  2. Group Coaching vs Team Coaching
  3. Group Coaching vs Individual Benefits
  4. Is Group Coaching a Good Fit
  5. Why Group Coaching Sticks
  6. Connecting the Dots Between Group Coaching and Strategy
  7. Group Coaching Success Macro Factors
  8. Key Group Coaching Considerations
  9. Top 3 Group Coaching Pitfalls
  10. The ROI of Group Coaching

In The Ultimate Guide to Group Coaching, you can also watch helpful videos, get a glossary of terms and download checklists and other handy resources.


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