The Peanut Gallery

Posted January 26, 2009 in Latest News & Insights

So President Obama has been around for less than a week and already the pundits are weighing in on how he’s doing…some like it, some don’t and some are firmly on the fence.  I was discussing this with a colleague who is going through his own transition into a new and bigger role.  He was ranting about the fact that several people around him were offering nothing but criticism for his efforts.  He was starting to waffle on some of his positions and was even questioning whether he was cut out for the role he’d been given.

It got me thinking about the courage and resilience it takes to step up into leadership.

No matter whether you’re leading a country like the USA, or a team of two in Moose Jaw, Alberta… somebody is always going to have an opinion about what you’re doing, not doing, should be doing, shouldn’t be doing, etc. etc.

What I notice is that – ironically – the criticism that seems to come most freely is from people who have never led a group before!  Walk a mile in our shoes people!!

As leaders, we know we’ll never please everyone… but if we spent our energies trying to, we lose sight of doing the actual job of leading.

There are always going to be comments from the Peanut Gallery evaluating your decisions.  The best thing you can do for yourself as a leader is to run your own race.  Stay clear and consistent with your vision and don’t bend your position to try to be popular.

As I reminded my friend…at the end of the day… remember, it’s more important to be respected than to be liked.

Happy leading!

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