The best gift you can give yourself

Posted December 23, 2009 in Latest News & Insights

With the holidays upon us, now is the time for hard driving leaders everywhere to do something that makes us all a little uncomfortable.  A little less in control. 

Yes, it’s the holiday season and it’s time to turn off the Blackberry.  Turn it off… put it in a drawer… lock the drawer and give the key to your spouse (or other person who will be committed to keeping you away from said drawer).

After the grind of 2009, the one gift you need to give to yourself this year is the gift of recharging your own batteries.  Leadership requires us to be energized and energizing; to be commited to our goals and to instill commitment in our teams; to keep ourselves whole so that we can bring out the best in others.

So, give yourself the gift of space and reflection over the holiday season.  Turn off your electronic slave driver and turn it back on when you’re ready to plug back in.  I can’t promise that the world won’t end, but it’s highly likely that it will either.  And why go fishing for trouble over the holidays anyway?

Plus, as a leader, don’t you want your team to come back in January recharged and ready to go?  Here’s your opportunity to role model how great leaders set boundaries around their work and personal priorities.  Encourage your team to unplug by leading the way.  You’ll all be better able to tackle whatever the new year may throw at you as a result.

Enjoy a breather.  You’ve more than earned it.

Happy holidays!

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