Rice is Right

Posted March 25, 2009 in Latest News & Insights

Condoleezza Rice appeared on Jay Leno last night and was a shining example for anyone finding themselves being asked to comment on a successor.

When asked about her opinions on Dick Cheney’s criticisms of the Obama administration, Rice took the high road and essentially espoused the classic management rule: criticize in private, support in public.

Good for you Condi. Finally some Bush administration leadership behaviour worth emulating.

When you – the former leader – start throwing criticism at the incumbent, it just makes you look small and petty. No matter what they’re doing, what policies and projects of yours they’re undoing…it doesn’t matter. Bite your tongue and move on with your life. As Rice said about the Bush years: “we had our turn, now it’s there’s.”. Words worth paying attention to.

Happy leading!

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