Recharge 2019: The Breakthrough with Dan Perdue

Posted December 3, 2019 in Alumni Exchange, Latest News & Insights

By Jennifer Hanna, Learning Manager

Stand up. Jump up.  Show up.  That’s what Dan asked each of us to do, and he wasn’t kidding around!  As a high-performance coach, Dan laid down the challenge……. get out of your comfort zone, be a force and reach your goals.  As we all yelled out our commitments to be our best, the energy in the room was ignited.  In order to reach our peak level of performance in any area of our life, Dan told us how to tap into our best mental, emotional and physical state – our LEVEL 12.

LEVEL 12 is a state of optimal performance.  Instead of striving to operate at an 8/10, or even 10/10, Dan told us to catapult our lives to LEVEL 12. In order to unlock our potential and heighten our performance, we need to acknowledge that a 10/10 just isn’t good enough anymore.  By conditioning our minds and committing to develop the right behaviours we can accomplish goals we haven’t even considered yet.  Where do you start, you ask?  With Dan’s 5 Agreements:

  1. Be willing to STRETCH. Stretch your comfort zone. We all like to feel comfortable but the status quo doesn’t help us grow.  In order to reach our LEVEL 12, we all need to get comfortable, …. being uncomfortable.  When we take that step and leave our comfort zone, we unlock opportunities and potential for growth.
  2. Be willing to PLAY FULL OUT! Stop worrying about what other people think. Worrying about the opinions of others is an adult’s biggest roadblock to success and high performance. Dan asks us to channel our inner child and give life everything we’ve got.  Remember, all visionaries were once called foolish – so dance like no one is watching!
  3. Be willing to PLAY FAIR. Be strong, be a force and be honourable. Dan emphasises the important role our integrity plays in reaching LEVEL 12.  While we forcefully carve our path towards our goals, we must be sure to avoid hurting others along the way.
  4. Be willing to PLAY SAFE. Taking risks is necessary, but it should always fall short of jeopardizing the safety of yourself and/or others. Push the limits, yes, but don’t ‘bet the farm.’
  5. Have fun. Dan reminded us that having fun is what life is all about.  Who would argue with that? Research tells us that when people are having fun, their learning goes deeper, is retained longer and is much more likely to be put into practice.

As leaders, we should embrace the 5 Agreements and target small areas of improvement each day.  The little things we do will move us, and others, toward meaningful change and high performance.  When we see others leaving their comfort zone and taking risks, we need to notice it, encourage it and reward it.  To pay attention and recognize the efforts of others takes perseverance on our part but we must do the work!  So, in those moments when the road to your goals is full of challenge, don’t ask yourself, “Is it hard?” ask yourself, “Is it worth it?”

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