Recap Volume 115 – The B List

Posted July 31, 2017 in Latest News & Insights

Every month we scour the web for great leadership articles for our popular newsletter The Roundtable RECAP, and we thought you might enjoy some of our favourite articles that didn’t quite make the cut.

Here’s how to keep your body language in check.

5 emotionally intelligent things to do when you first meet someone.

Are open floor plans killing productivity?

4 ways to make your boss like you.

4 work-life questions to ponder on vacation.

3 reasons to take a 5 minute walk today.

Take naps at work. Apologize to no one.

3 realistic ways to unplug when you leave the office.

4 totally fair reasons to take a guilt-free personal day.

How to succeed when you’re taking over someone else’s role.

5 simple ways to get motivated at work.

Science says this 5-second rule will make your brain stop procrastinating.

What you won’t learn in business school.

The 1 hour weekend activity that will totally change your week.

5 habits to drop to become a better leader.

Lessons learned from leading Millenials.

Happy leading!

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