Recap Vol 130 – The ‘B’ List

Posted October 31, 2018 in Latest News & Insights

Every month we scour the web for great leadership articles for our popular newsletter The Roundtable RECAP, and we thought you might enjoy some of our favourite articles that didn’t quite make the cut.

What I learned about resilience when my co-founder got sick.

How managers can help employees avoid burnout.

How to make sure you can trust your ai.

Why vulnerability is essential to becoming a great leader.

How to overcome a frustrating setback at work.

How to increase your self-confidence.

How to do better in your career, faster.

12 things to do on a bad workday.

How to get over disappointing someone.

11 lessons from great bosses.

Why managers should overlook results in certain situations.

How to stop wasting your life.

Do these 8 things every day.

How to cultivate emotional resilience at work.

Find out why you’re in a work slump.

5 mindfulness habits of the happiest people.

Powerful questions great leaders ask about their businesses.

How highly effective people eliminate drama.

4 ways leaders can improve mental health in the workplace.

10 ways leaders influence organizational culture.

How purposeful kindness can make you a better leader.

Working with people who aren’t self-aware.

TED talks for better business.

Happy leading!

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