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Posted February 26, 2009 in Latest News & Insights

My friend Daneal gave me the best quote today…(and she was quoting someone else, so apologies for not being able to give accurate credit).

“There isn’t a talent shortage.  There’s a shortage of talent who want to work in traditional organizations.”


Ain’t that the truth!  The “best and brightest” weigh their options and they certainly don’t stick around when organizations start taking them for granted, limiting their learning, running over their values and other typical bad behaviours.

And, I honestly don’t think the turn in the economy phases the really smart and ambitious fast tracker.  If the job isn’t working, they leave to find one that is.  A good friend of mine left her role as a senior HR leader in a company we’ll refer to as “big blue”.  We were chatting today about whether or not she regretted the timing of her leap (she made it last summer, just as everything was tanking).  Even though the transition she’s in right now isn’t easy, she’s doesn’t have any regrets.  It was her time to leave and she wasn’t about to stick around until she’d entered into the proverbial career “doom loop”.

And, in my observation, that’s what many self-directed and motivated individuals do.  Can you relate?

We’ll talk in a future entry about the importance of having smart career discussions with your “A” players and what conversations you should probably be having with your boss.

Happy leading!

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