Moose on the Table

Posted September 1, 2008 in Communication, Leadership, Self-Insight, What We're Reading

By: Jim Clemmer

Reviewed By: Glain Roberts-McCabe

The Premise: Known for his practical and inspirational style, Jim Clemmer is one of Canada’s most prolific leadership authors and consultants. In his latest release, Clemmer has taken a departure from his usual approach to create a fable that shares how one man – Pete Leonard – overcomes his fear of a bullying boss to reclaim his inner leader and ultimately his self-respect. The Moose on the Table (aka the Elephant in the Room) grows in organizations where communication starts to shut down and bad management, bad strategy, bad process, etc. are allowed to run rampant. One has to wonder how many moose were parading through the halls and boardrooms of some of Wallstreet’s titans over the past couple of years. The key for any organization (especially ones in crisis) is how quickly they can confront the tough issues to ensure the Moose on the Table doesn’t continue to feed and breed.

The Bottom-line: Along with popular parables like “Who Moved My Cheese?” and “The Wealthy Barber”, the Moose on the Table is a light, entertaining read with some solid management wisdom peppered throughout. On a big picture level, the book reinforces the point that no boss should ever be allowed to run rampant over your self-esteem. If you’ve ever felt trapped in a never ending workplace pity party due to an inept senior manager, then this book might give you the inspiration and courage to find your voice and get your leadership career back on track.

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